LFBlogSnap.jpgThis site is running on the blogging system, WordPress. One of the great things about wordpress is that there is a great variety of templates to choose from. Moreover, some templates are better suited to specialized plugins, such as widgets used in the sidebar. I’ve tried several of the last few weeks and after much trial and error, I can say that the advanced template K2 is clearly one of the best for advanced features, ease of use, and support for customization. K2 is short of “Kubrick 2” an evolution of the original Kubrick template provided with WordPress.

One of K2’s great strength is that is supports a good handful of built in sidbar widgets, eliminating the need for several customization plugins. Even more exciting, if you’re into tags, K2 has built-in support for Christine Davis’s Ultimate Tag Warrior (see Lorelle’s review.) Also built in is extensive support for Arnaud Froment’s Extended Live Archive plugin that makes “live” browsing of blog archiving a snap with almost no setup for the blog owner (easy setup guide at 24 Fighting Chickens.)

PietorBlogSnap.jpgWith themes, you can quickly change the look of your K2 blog. It even comes loaded with a cool litte star-wars based theme which we use on Pietor.com.

Many blogs are running on WordPress and K2, including this one, so if you’re looking for a highly customizable way, with plenty of bells and whistles built-in, K2 may be just what you’re looking for to support your own blog.